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Programable Rectifier Controller
Programable Rectifier Controller

Programable Rectifier Controller

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Part Number:UPC 5000



UPC 5000 Features:


- Ramp Mode

- 20 Recipes with 20 Segments (V & I Control Only)

- Cycle Mode with Anodic/Cathodic operation

- Amp x Time Mode (Hours, Minutes, or Seconds)

- Amp x Time Readout (resettable) and Totalizer (non-resettable)

- Monitor/Status Screens

- Current and Voltage set points

- Temperature Readout (requires PT100 Temp Sensor)

- Rectifier Start/Stop commands

- Fault Indication

- 8 Programmable Relays

- 2 Dosing Relay Timers (Amp x Time Mode only)

- Operator & Supervisor Password Protection


Linear/Step Ramp Function:


Ramp Mode sets the Start, End, and Ramp time. It may be used in “Cycle Mode” and “Amp x Time Mode”. In Voltage control, the Current Limit is set to its maximum value. In Current control, the Voltage Limit is set to its maximum value.


Step Ramp    



Linear Ramp    




Cycle Mode:


In this mode, the controller outputs the Current and Voltage set points for a pre-programmed time. The process will start with a Ramp, if enabled, and then continue with a DC-cycle until the Cycle Time expires or a manual stop command is initiated.


If Polarity Reversal is enabled, the polarity status will be indicated on the Operating Screen by displaying Anodic or Cathodic.










Amp x Time:


In this mode the controller outputs the Current Limit and Voltage Limit set points until a preprogrammed Amp x time value has been reached.  If the Ramp function is enabled, the controller will first output the ramp cycle and then continue in DC cycle until the A x time value has been reached or a manual stop command is initiated.


Amp x Hour Screen




3 AMP x TIME Preset Values:


- AMPS x hours (Ah)

- AMPS x minutes (Amin)

- AMPS x seconds (Asec)



Amp x Time Monitor:


The Amp x time Monitor can be set to: A x hours (Ah), A x minutes (Amin) or A x seconds (Asec).



Amps x time Totalizer and Resettable Counter values




Trends for Voltage and Current:


The Set and Actual Values Trend Graph displays the changing values that track both Voltage and Current, as a curve on the screen.


The Current is represented by a solid line and the Voltage is represented by a dashed line.





           Iset and Vset Trends                                   Iactual and Vactual Trends




Actual Values Monitor:


The Actual Values Monitor displays Current and Voltage Set and Actual Values and Actual Temperature, if Temperature sensor is used.



Actual values monitor

Screen Status:


The UPC 5000’s Status Screen gives a quick total overview of the process status and shows the following:



Status Screen




- Current Time

- Process Status

- Actual Voltage

- Actual Current

- Actual Temperature

- Process Start Time (hh:mm:ss)

- Process End Time (hh:mm:ss)



Programmable Relays:


There are 8 programmable relays in the UPC 5000. Four of the relays pre-set from factory as Main Relay, Bypass Relay, Fault and Pulse Block.


The following can be selected per a relay:




Relay Group 1 Setup                          Relay Group 2 Setup




- None

- Main Relay

- Bypass Relay

- EOC Warning

- End of Cycle

- Dosing Relay 1

- Dosing Relay 2

- Fault

- Polarity Reversal

- Pulse Block



Dosing Relay Timers:


In the Dosing Relay Timers screen, 2 Timers can be programmed to switch 2 dosing relays on for a pre-programmed time after Amp x Time has been reached.


Dosing Relay Timers Screen

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