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Amp Hour Counter
Amp Hour Counter

Amp Hour Counter

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Part Number:ACH50-A

Amp Hour Counter:


RCP-1 AHC50-A Remote control panel with Amp Hour Counter.

The remote control panel is built into a shock and corrosion resistant casing with transparent plastic cover to protect the integrated measurement and operating components.

The unit is designed for wall mounting and therefore includes special hinge technology for easy installation.

Amp Hour Counter Features:


The amp-hour counter, AHC50-A, is an electronic counter, designed to monitor Amperes per time and to control dosing pumps based on current feedback signals from power supplies used in electro-chemical processes. The system consists of a PLC with analog & digital I/O, and Relay outputs.

Using the HMI, users can setup, calibrate and scale a resettable Ampere per time counter and program up to 5 resettable timers with associated relay outputs to be used with Dosing pumps or as individual resettable Amp per time counters.




The AHC50-A includes the following process automation and monitoring functions:


  • 1 Non-Resettable 12 digital accumulating totalizers that monitor the 0-10vdc analog input with the units selectable as amp-seconds (As), amp-minutes (Am), amp-hours (Ah).

  • 5 Resettable 8 digit accumulating totalizer that are monitoring the 0-10vdc analog input with the units selectable as amp-seconds (As), amp-minutes (Am), amp-hours (Ah). The totalizer counts are based on the rectifier output ampere and are programmable with the following features.


  • Each resettable totalizer is assigned relay outputs that are pre-settable with an 8 digit set value that can be used to disable the rectifier output when the preset set value is reached or for alarm indication.

  • Each resettable totalizer is assigned a latching accumulating timer that can be activated and set along with the relay output for pumping applications.

  • Output status monitor of the 4 relay outputs.

  • Password protection with two levels of lockout protection.


    Main Components:

  • AHC50-A Amp Hour Counter



Dimensions :                       10.12/ 5.22/ 8.54 (W/ D/ H) inches

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